The VHH Code of Conduct

Members Code Of Conduct

In the event of admission as a member, I agree to be bound by the rules of the Association for the time being in force. This application is made in the full understanding of the Association requirements for ethical and responsible behaviour (Code of Ethics). I will do everything within my power to preserve the good image of the sport and promote the activities of the Association. (I understand a member breaking the Code of Ethics, or Rules of the Association will be subject to a reprimand or period of suspension, or expulsion from the Association.) This must be signed and dated by each member.

(a) Members who do not abide by this Code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action or expulsion from the Victorian Hound Hunters Inc.
(b) Members must obey all the State and Federal Laws in the State in which they hunt.
(c) Members should encourage others to adopt this code.
(d) Members should learn as much as possible about the issues relating to conservation recreational hunting, animal welfare and ethics, develop their own standards and encourage others to do the same.
(e) No member should act in a manner, which would bring discredit to recreational hunting or the Victorian Hound Hunters Inc.
(f) Members should foster good relations amongst hunters and the public.
(g) Members should avoid confrontation with and not infringe on the activities of other hunters, landowners, Government employees and the general public.
(h) Members should respect the rights of landowners and exercise proper precautions to prevent damage to their property and the disturbance of their livestock.
(i) Members should hunt with consideration for the deer and the environment.
(j) Members should adopt safe hunting practices, for example, with respect to fire arms, target identification, bush craft, driving, fire and survival.
(k) Rifles should not be test fired in the bush where annoyance may be caused to the public.
(l) Members should be competent in the use of their firearms. Practice ranges should be used where available.

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